Edouard Philippe: an update on these two diseases which explain his new appearance with our expert

Edouard Philippe: an update on these two diseases which explain his new appearance with our expert

Filmed by the teams of the show Sept à Huit, on TF1 on Sunday evening, Edouard Philippe once again appeared transformed by the illness. What are the two autoimmune diseases that strike him? Explanations from Dr Caroline Pouget, dermatologist at the Renecia center in Paris.

Filmed by the Sept à Huit teams to promote his book “Des places qui dit” which will be released in a few days, Edouard Philippe appeared transformed to answer Audrey Crespo-Mara’s questions. Almost bald, beardless and wearing thick-rimmed glasses, the former Prime Minister still raises so many questions about his new appearance.

Affected by two autoimmune diseases which caused him to lose his hair, eyebrows and beard

This is one of the questions that the journalist of course asked him, but Edouard Philippe does not seem happy to hear it: “I understand very well that people ask me the question, but it’s not like I love talking about it“.

However, he still comes back to these two autoimmune pathologies, which have profoundly changed his appearance. There is vitiligo which manifests itself by the whitening of one’s beard and hair. And there is alopecia areata, another autoimmune condition, which caused his hair loss (alopecia), eyebrows and beard.

What are the causes of these two pathologies?

Asked about these pathologies, Dr Caroline Pouget explains that they do not necessarily go hand in hand. “In the case of Edouard Philippe, it is a concomitant triggering of these two pathologies. However, this is a coincidence, because they do not appear in everyone at the same time. first explains the specialist.

And what are the causes? Could his job as Prime Minister have been a trigger? “It’s possible” concedes the specialist. “The causes of these pathologies remain poorly known at present, but the stress caused by Edouard Philippe’s significant responsibilities in this position may indeed be a cause..

What are the treatments for these pathologies?

For Edouard Philippe, vitiligo, which causes very marked depigmentation of the skin, remains relatively inconspicuous. “It looks like vitiligo pilaris, which affects the hair more.” notes again Caroline Pouget. “As for alopecia areata, it can be partial and cause patches in the scalp: here for Edouard Philippe, it seems more serious, having caused his eyebrows and beard to fall out. In the case of total loss of hair from the entire body, we speak of alopecia universalis..

What are the treatments ? “These are two quite complicated diseases, medications do not necessarily give a complete response.” says our expert. “For vitiligo, UVB therapy sessions can be prescribed under an excimer lamp for the skin, but there is no real solution for hair whitening. As for alopecia areata, when it is universal, we can give a bolus of corticosteroids, but this remains a medication which is not without side effects. adds the dermatologist.

What evolution for these pathologies?

Generally speaking, development varies from one person to another. “Alopecia areata may regress, especially when it appears as patches of hair or missing hairs. Over time, the person can regain their body hair. Vitiligo has a more uncertain course“.

Edouard Philippe must therefore learn to live with these two benign illnesses, but above all to tame his new image, just like all French people.