Emergency hospitalized, Kev Adams reveals the causes of his operation

Emergency hospitalized, Kev Adams reveals the causes of his operation

Last weekend, Kev Adams underwent emergency surgery during the night from Saturday to Sunday. A few days later, he finally explained what had happened to him.

On sale a few days after his operation

Kev Adams attended the kick-off of the 27th edition of the Alpe d’Huez Festival, although he had just been operated on for “appendicitis which worsened into peritonitis” as he was able entrust it to Paris Match.

Despite this “not very funny” and “very painful” moment, the young man insisted on being present at the Festival. “I’m very careful with my dressings, I take my medications three times a day, I’m full of medications, but it was unthinkable for me to miss Alpe d’Huez. I think it’s also in the head” he explains.

What is peritonitis?

Asked, Dr. Gérald Kierzek explains: “In young people, the main cause of peritonitis is appendicitis. The latter causes pain in the right iliac fossa“.

The doctor recommends never neglecting abdominal pain that lasts several days and does not go away with simple analgesics. “You must consult so that a doctor can examine you and feel your stomach. The examination which will then be prescribed is the CT scan, for appendicitis, which will have to be operated on..

In the case of Kev Adams, the inflammation of the appendix apparently had time to cause perforation of the intestine, causing the onset of peritonitis or inflammation of the peritoneum, the envelope which covers the intestines.