Flat sneakers are trendy, but are they good for our feet?

Flat sneakers are trendy, but are they good for our feet?

Flat shoes are back in fashion but are they ideal for your feet? Discover the impact that this type of insole can have on your health!

As flat shoes make a comeback, we are interested in the impact they can have on our feet. Does wearing your famous “Gazelles” or your pair of “Samba” favorite every day is a good idea? Discover expert advice on taking care of your feet.

Shoes should depend on your environment and habits

Questioned by the magazine 20 mintes, podiatrist Romain Vayer, member of the French Foot Health Union (UFSP), recalls that “the initial function of a shoe is to protect the foot”it is therefore appropriate to “adapt it according to the environment you frequent”. He takes the example of the city where the ground is bitumen. In this case, “a flat shoe is not necessarily a good idea”. In fact, the foot is not sufficiently cushioned by the sole to guarantee optimal comfort.

Wearing only flat shoes causes strain on the muscles in the back of the calf and thighs. In the long term, this tension can transform into Achilles tendonitis. Wearing only high heels encourages the forward tilt of the pelvis and accentuates the arch of the back. Which increases the risk of low back pain.

Questioned by TipsForWomens about these bad habits which ruin our feet, Marie-Cécile Tuffery, chiropodist-podiatrist also a member of the UFSP told us that “Physiologically, humans are designed to walk in shoes with a 3/4 cm heel.”.

Vary your habits!

If you are the type to wear heels every day and suddenly you get over this new fashion, watch out! Romain Vayer explains that “by switching to a shoe that protects less, with little cushioning and without heels, you increase the risk of injury.” You could then have very sore feet and develop blisters…

The solution ? “We vary our pairs of shoes”quite simply !

A fashion that benefits the little ones?

Unlike adults, it is recommended for children to opt for shoes “as close to the ground and with as little cushioning as possible”, explains podiatrist Romain Vayer. Indeed, having as little as possible allows them “natural development of the foot, better strengthening of the muscles as well as better perception of the ground, whether hard, soft, hot or cold”, adds the expert.

The little ones therefore have every interest in following the fashion for flat shoes! This will allow them to ensure“good body development” and “their foot sensors are developing in the best possible way”.