Flat stomach: these foods to avoid and relieve bloating

Flat stomach: these foods to avoid and relieve bloating

Do you regularly feel bloated after meals? To avoid this digestive discomfort, it is better to consume certain foods rather than others. Discover the advice of Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist.

In addition to being painful, the bloating that you can feel after a meal is unpleasant. How to avoid them? Here are the answers from Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist.

Bloating: foods to avoid

Bloating is caused by the presence of gas in the intestines, which dilates them and causes pain and flatulence. Their presence can be aggravated by diet, which is why Alexandra Murcier begins by reminding you of the foods to avoid if you are prone to bloating. “In practice, you should avoid drinking carbonated drinks, even water, but also avoid legumes, excessive quantities of raw vegetables, lactose, fruits – preferably eaten at the start of a meal – and FODMAPs. , these foods rich in fermentable carbohydrates” specifies the expert. It is also not recommended to chew gum, as it causes air to be swallowed.

Foods to favor

In case of bloating, there are, on the contrary, certain foods to favor. “To improve intestinal comfort, the recommended foods are kefir and yogurt, which provide good intestinal bacteria, which limits gas production and improves digestive comfort. explains Alexandra Murcier.

Among the spices in cooking, there are cumin, dill, coriander, anise and turmeric, which have good properties as well as ginger or peppermint. she adds. Finally, among vegetables, the specialist recommends asparagus, because of its richness in prebiotics.

Solutions to relieve bloating

How to relieve bloating? The specialist gives some practical advice:

  • Remember to chew each mouthful well, in order to facilitate the work of digestion;
  • Avoid cooking methods that are too fatty, which promote bloating;
  • Take probiotics, in the form of food supplements, which work well.
Foods low in Fodmap

Slide: Foods low in Fodmap