For International Women’s Day, Barbie honors 8 inspiring women

For International Women's Day, Barbie honors 8 inspiring women

Mattel has decided to pay tribute to all women on March 8, an international day that celebrates their rights. Eight inspiring women, from diverse backgrounds, are highlighted by the brand.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day this March 8, the Barbie brand pays tribute to all women through eight inspiring women and announces the release of unique dolls, bearing their likeness.

Who are the eight women highlighted by Barbie?

Barbie therefore pays homage to “8 inspiring women who are using their stories and influence to make a difference and share positive messages“. We therefore find:

  • Viola Davis: An American artist, activist, producer, philanthropist and best-selling author;
  • Shania Twain: Canadian global superstar, famous songwriter and fashion icon;
  • Dame Helen Mirren: Acclaimed English actress and women’s rights activist;
  • Kylie Minogue: Well-known Australian artist and singer;
  • Maira Gomez: Brazilian content creator, specifically from the indigenous community of the Tatuyo ethnic group in the Amazon;
  • Lila Avilés: Mexican director, producer and screenwriter;
  • Nicole Fujita: Japanese model;
  • Enissa Amani: German actress, also comedian and political activist.

Inspire young girls, to encourage them

Barbie wants, since its creation, to be the representative of a model and “to be a source of inspiration to girls, to help them become what they want” says Mattel.

Shania Twain “praises Barbie for encouraging girls to create their own story“. “Dreaming is wonderful, but being able to put those dreams into action is a crucial step that Barbie helps girls visualize” she adds.

The famous doll, who celebrates her 65th birthday on March 9, has not aged a bit. She will continue to encourage little girls for a long time to come, through her different performances, each more inspiring than the last.