Frédéric Lopez says he suffers from otosclerosis and is gradually losing his hearing

Frédéric Lopez says he suffers from otosclerosis and is gradually losing his hearing

Accustomed to the confidences of his guests in a Sunday in the countryside, Frédéric Lopez in turn opened up about part of his life in Nice Matin. The host admits to suffering from otosclerosis, a hereditary hearing disease. A handicap that he decided to accept.

He is best known for his interviews evoking the intimacy of his guests. But Frédéric Lopez also decided to break a taboo, in everyday life nice morning from March 25. He has a progressive disease called otosclerosis which causes him to lose his hearing.

One ear that no longer hears, the other only 50%

What is this disease? Otosclerosis manifests itself as a disorder of bone metabolism in the ear, which often begins between the ages of 20 and 30 and is transmitted hereditarily. “Bone turnover does not take place properly and normal bone is replaced by poor quality bone, creating what is called an otospongiosum focus” indicates our TipsForWomens article on the subject. As a result, sound vibrations are transmitted less and less well, and the person gradually loses their hearing, without being able to do much about it.

This is confirmed by the 56-year-old host. “I had surgery on my right ear (in 2019), except that it didn’t work, I can’t hear anything from that side anymore”. And on the other? “I have 50% of my faculties and tinnitus, comparable to the sound of a vacuum cleaner all the time.”

De-dramatizing disability, a subject close to his heart

Confession is not easy for the man, who kept his condition a secret for many years. “It’s complicated when your job is to listen” he justifies. Known for his human and sincere side, Frédéric Lopez seems to have changed his mind and wants to break a taboo on his disability: “That’s how it is, I accept it.”

By revealing his hearing loss, and consequently his need to wear a hearing aid, he wishes in his own way to downplay deafness, which he compares to vision problems. “In meetings, I see some people embarrassed, while many wear glasses without it being a problem”he says.

And if he no longer hears at all, the facilitator even has the wish to learn sign language. One thing is certain, otosclerosis or not, Frédéric Lopez does not intend to stop talking or listening.