Grand Bien Vous Fasse x TipsForWomens: How to boost your immunity?

Grand Bien Vous Fasse x Doctissimo: How to boost your immunity?

Monday, November 13, Dr. Gérald Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens, joins Ali Rebeihi’s set on Europe Inter like every first Monday of the month for a program in partnership with TipsForWomens. On the program, advice from experts to boost your immunity.

With the drop in temperatures and the arrival of winter viruses, our immune system is put to the test. But do you really know what can harm your immunity and therefore what can boost it? The experts come together to answer your questions during the program Grand Bien vous Fasse on Europe Inter.

Experts are working to boost your immunity

Several experts gathered on the Europe Inter set will help us see things more clearly. We will find around Ali Rebeihi:

  • Philippe Bousso director of the immunology department at the Institut Pasteur and head of the Dynamics of Immune Responses unit in this department.
  • Caroline Gayet, dietician-nutritionist, phytotherapist and would like to work to democratize the notion of Integrative Health in Europe. Books: I make my healing herbal teas – Dr Patrick Aubé (Author), Caroline Gayet (Author). My Herbalism Bible, co-written with Michel Pierre, published by Leduc Pratique
  • Marie-Christine Boutron-Ruault first-class research director at Inserm, internal physician and hepato-gastroenterologist
  • Gérald Kierzek emergency doctor, medical director of the TipsForWomens site, columnist in the shows Télématin and Bel et Bien on Europe 2

What advice should you follow to be ready for winter?

When should you particularly strengthen your immune defenses? How to proceed ? Should we believe the promises of food supplements?

Strengthening your immune system through a varied and balanced diet is also recommended for people following antibiotic treatment which can unbalance the intestinal flora, or drug treatments such as chemotherapy.

And finally, for people with a diet too rich in sugars or animal proteins, it is also important to pay attention to your immune system.

Don’t miss the show to find out more.

Foods that boost immune defenses

Slide: Foods that boost the immune system