He believes he suffers from an aneurysm, doctors discover an acupuncture needle lodged in his brain

He believes he suffers from an aneurysm, doctors discover an acupuncture needle lodged in his brain

It was during a simple scan that doctors noticed the presence of an acupuncture needle in the brain of a 74-year-old man.

While he thought he was suffering from an aneurysm, a 74-year-old patient was diagnosed with a strange condition: he was suffering from internal bleeding caused by an acupuncture needle inserted into his brain.

The patient had memory problems

It was in the emergency room that doctors discovered the said object.

The foreign body was seen through the right middle cerebral artery“, reveals the study.

The needle, golden in color and slightly pointed, was in fact lodged in one of the cerebral arteries of the patient – who was suffering from internal bleeding (subarachnoid hemorrhage and intraventricular hemorrhage) and memory problems.

A subsequent meticulous cerebral angiogram confirmed the penetration of a foreign body into the right middle cerebral artery, with the formation of an associated pseudoaneurysm on the underside of the arterial wall. further details the study.

However, according to the septuagenarian’s relatives, the needle was probably implanted in this area.for two decades“, because the man had used acupuncture twenty years earlier to treat a persistent migraine.

Man underwent brain surgery

Following this discovery, doctors deemed it necessary to extract the famous needle using a “intervention microchirurgicale“.

To do this, they opened the patient’s skull and removed the metallic foreign body, approximately 1 cm in length.

The operation was a success: just ten days after the operation, cranial CT scans revealed a “significant absorption of subarachnoid hemorrhage.” The patient’s respiratory assistance even “was interrupted“.

Unfortunately, the man developed a serious lung infection, likely precipitated by a “sudden loss of consciousness“, specifies the report. He died three weeks after the operation.

Already in October 2023, an 80-year-old woman discovered the presence of a “3 centimeter long needle” in her brain. However, she had not been operated on.