Heavy legs: which device to use to relieve them?

Heavy legs: which device to use to relieve them?

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Associated with a blood circulation problem, heavy legs can cause discomfort and pain. Fortunately, there are currently several devices to relieve them.

Pressotherapy boots

A true technological innovation, pressotherapy boots like those offered by the Fitem brand promote lymphatic and blood circulation. In fact, they are used in physiotherapy to relieve water retention, heavy legs and edema. This type of device also accelerates sports recovery after physical effort. It is made up of several pneumatic compartments. These inflate and deflate alternately to exert pressure starting from the ankles towards the thighs. This compression-decompression action generated by air cells facilitates the fluidification of lymph and blood.

Below are some recommendations for enjoying the benefits of pressotherapy boots:

· Adapt its adjustment mode according to your needs. “Continuous mode” is recommended to relieve venous circulation problems. The “sequential mode”, meanwhile, is perfect for treating cellulite and water retention.

· Lie comfortably on your back with your legs slightly elevated.

· Program them according to the desired effects.

· Apply a gel or cream to enhance the effects of pressotherapy.

Circulatory stimulators by electrostimulation

Thanks to electrostimulation or EMS, circulatory stimulators can relieve and treat blood circulation problems such as heavy legs. It works by delivering electrical impulses that activate motor nerves to cause muscle contractions. This type of medical device offers several massage programs and EMS massage levels. Some more innovative models are more ergonomic and include an LCD screen.

Here is the procedure to follow to use a circulatory stimulator by electrostimulation to treat heavy legs:

1. Sit comfortably and take off your shoes;

2. Place your bare feet on the footrests of the device which will stimulate physical activity to facilitate the movement of your blood flow to your heart;

3. Gradually increase the intensity level of the device until the electrical impulses reach your calf muscles;

4. Finally, relax to promote the propulsion of blood from the lower part of your legs to the upper part of your body.

To obtain optimal results, a session with a circulator simulator should last between 30 and 60 minutes per day.

The self-massage gun

This type of device performs percussion movements and rapid vibrations to relieve heavy legs and other problems related to venous insufficiency. It is usually supplied with several interchangeable heads of different shapes.

Discover some practical tips for optimal and safe use of a self-massage gun to relieve heavy legs:

1. Sit comfortably on your sofa or armchair;

2. Take the device and choose a head;

3. Adjust its speed according to your needs and your tolerance;

4. Slowly move the self-massage gun up and down, applying light pressure to the muscles. Focus mainly on the tight and painful areas of your legs;

5. Use the massager for 15 to 20 minutes to relieve the feeling of heaviness in your legs.

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