Here are the 3 foods that are bad for children according to a dentist

Here are the 3 foods that are bad for children according to a dentist

To preserve your children’s teeth, there are some basic tips to follow, such as having them brush their teeth at least twice a day. There are also certain foods to avoid. Which ? Here is advice from a dentist who is a member of the expert committee, Dr. Jérémy Amzalag.

After a long day of school, children often ask for a snack. What foods should you avoid giving them? Here are three, according to Dr. Hanna Kinsella, who gives her advice in a TikTok video. TipsForWomens calls on Dr Jérémy Amzalag, dentist member of the expert committee, to obtain his point of view.

Sweets, obviously, should be avoided

It is well known that sweets are high in sugar and cause cavities. They have no nutritional benefit, other than a sugar intake. But beyond this aspect, Dr Hanna Kinsella points to the substance itself. “The stickier the substance, the more it adheres between the teeth. And children, unlike adults, let sticky substances settle between their teeth much longer without being bothered by it.” she notes. “Candy that sticks to your teeth – and between your teeth – is more likely to cause cavities in the long term.” confirms Dr Jérémy Amzalag.

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You should limit the consumption of certain fruits

Dr Hanna Kinsella also advises against raisins for children. They contain fructose, the natural sugar in fruits, and so may seem like a good alternative to sugary candies, but she says it’s not a good idea. “Rather than the quantity of sugar, I would rather point out the texture of the raisin, which can stick to the teeth” sheet music by Jérémy Amzalag. “As for fruits, those that are the most acidic should be avoided, such as lemon or grapefruit. They attack tooth enamel due to their acidic pH.”.

Compotes in bottles, cereals or chips should also be banned

The third food that Dr. Kinsella recommends avoiding is compotes in bottles. “You must carefully read the sugar content of these products which can contain a lot of sugar. she warns. According to Dr. Amzalag, the problem is that “theThe product macerates in the mouth and the sugar attacks the teeth, a bit like toddlers, when they drink a bottle of sweetened milk before sleeping..

He also recommends avoiding breakfast cereals or chips, the texture of which will stick to your teeth. And therefore promote the development of cavities. On the contrary, what products should be favored? Dr. Amzalag specifies:favor natural foods and limit snacking, which prolongs acidity in the mouth and also promotes the formation of cavities.

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