Here are the negative effects of scrolling for hours on social media!

Here are the negative effects of scrolling for hours on social media!

Do you have a bad habit of hanging out on your phone for long periods of time? Be careful because this practice can easily be addictive and cause undesirable effects for your health. Here’s why you need to limit scrolling!

Addictive activity that can last for hours and hours, the “scrolling” is very bad for your self-esteem. Indeed, this practice which steals your time without you realizing it, also reduces the time you give to your passions.

On this subject, a study carried out by the National Lottery shares some rather worrying results: 24% of British people would consider scrolling through content on a screen to be a leisure activity in its own right; 10% admit to not having another “hobby” ; 40% spend the majority of their free time scrolling or watching TV. Worse still: a third of those questioned recognize that the time spent on social networks would prevent them from pursuing other activities. Alarming results which require us to remember the negative impacts of scrolling on our phone!

A time-consuming practice that limits more concrete activities

As this famous British study reveals, spending time on your phone changes the way we manage our time, particularly the time we devote to our leisure activities. Unfortunately, more authentic activities like dancing, sports, reading or even music are generally the first to fall by the wayside when you waste too much time on your phone! Instead, we consume content, sometimes very irrelevant, and this in a passive way.

“Scrolling” increases stress, anxiety and risk of depression

Wasting time on your phone leads to other problems such as frustration or feelings of dissatisfaction. A study published in the journal Behavior and Information Technology specifies: “High passive use of social media induces higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress”. Being aware of these risks is essential. It is necessary to take a step back and ask yourself how you really want to invest your free time. Perhaps you will realize that putting down your phone and forcing yourself to do more authentic activities will have more benefits for your well-being and give more meaning to your life.