Here’s Why You Should Never Give Your Baby Plastic Toys, According to This Doctor

Here's Why You Should Never Give Your Baby Plastic Toys, According to This Doctor

Are you used to buying plastic toys for your child? It’s a bad habit that needs to be broken, according to Dr. Jimmy Mohamed, who posted a video about it.

Small cars, fruits or vegetables, dolls…Many children’s toys are made of plastic. However, if we are to believe Dr. Jimmy Mohamed, we must absolutely avoid this compound when we buy toys for our children.

Plastic, a vector of endocrine disruptors

When you give a plastic toy to a child, especially an infant, the first thing he or she will do is “put it in their mouth,” explains the doctor. It is through this that it risks becoming contaminated with endocrine disruptors, present in plastic.

THE endocrine disruptors are invisible poisons, which are found in many elements of our environment, mainly in plastic” ajoute Jimmy Mohamed.

What are the risks for children’s health?

The problem, reminds the doctor, is that an endocrine disruptor is a substance which “will simulate, mimic the effect of a hormone, or block its functioning”. Our body is regulated by hormones, the slightest disturbance will therefore have “dramatic consequences on our health” says the expert.

What are these consequences?

Endocrine disruptors increase the risk of many diseases such as hormone-dependent cancers such as cancers be you” explains the doctor. But that’s not all: there is also an increased risk of urogenital malformations in little boys, the onset of precocious puberty, diabetes and obesity. “We must protect ourselves from these poisons by banishing plastic from our lives.” insiste Jimmy Mohamed, “Children should no longer have plastic toys.”

What are the alternatives to plastic for toys?

As a parent, the question is what type of plastic-free toy to buy. For infants, wooden toys can represent an alternative, especially around the age of 18 months or two years, when they begin to play with built-in toys. For older children, small cars can be chosen in metal and dolls in fabric, for example.

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