How to relieve joint pain naturally?

How to relieve joint pain naturally?

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Do you suffer from joint pain? Discover the solution to finally relieve yourself naturally.

With age, we lose mobility and our movements can be hampered by joint pain. Particularly impactful on quality of life, these can occur at any time.

Fortunately, to relieve joint pain quickly, an alternative exists: the massage method with Argel 7 joint gel from the Laboratoire NaturAvignon brand. With its natural composition, this cold effect gel is ideal for soothing joint pain. Focus on an effective and complete product, already sold more than 9 million copies in Europe.

A cold effect that relieves joint discomfort

When we suffer from joint pain, we often call on the cold to relieve ourselves. In fact, the cold reduces the nerve transmission responsible for pain by limiting blood flow to the painful joints.

We find this “cold” effect in the Argel 7 joint gel. With its light, non-greasy texture, it refreshes the areas to be relaxed. Applying the gel reduces the burning sensation by 2.7°C!1

At the same time, the use of the gel facilitates massage of painful joints, soothes overheating while protecting the skin from tightness and friction.

A natural composition

With its exclusive formulation, Argel 7 is a very effective joint massage gel with a unique combination of products. Composed of 7 high-quality ingredients of natural origin, the gel helps reduce joint but also muscular discomfort naturally.

What makes the difference ? The presence of 100% French green clay! Extracted from a depth of 50 meters in the Auvergne mountains, this clay is completely pure and natural.

An effective massage to relieve joint pain

A gel to relieve joint discomfort is all the more effective when its application is carried out correctly. The Argel 7 joint gel is therefore provided with instructions for use bringing together nearly 7 different massage protocols.

Developed with a physiotherapist, these professional gestures are explained for better effectiveness of the product. Of course, since all joints are distinct, detailed instructions for use are specified in the guide to relieve the different painful areas.

Proven effectiveness

If the Argel 7 gel is effective immediately, it is even more so with prolonged and continued use. And the results are convincing! According to a study carried out by NaturAvignon2, 8 out of 10 people confirm that they have reduced their painkiller intake after just 1 week of use. From 2 weeks, nearly 9 out of 10 people notice a reduction in their joint discomfort while 9 out of 10 people feel a general improvement in their physical abilities after 3 weeks of use!

Praised by thousands of people thanks to its effectiveness, Argel 7 joint gel is a must-have in your pharmacy if you suffer from joint discomfort. The proof: it has already sold more than 9 million copies!

1 – BIOPHYDERM 2016 study: 964/1016, carried out in the laboratory, on 21 volunteers (11 women and 10 men) aged over 50. The evaluation of the refreshing effect of ARGEL7® GEL was carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist. Result obtained after application on the back.

2 – Study carried out on 100 people who performed a self-massage using the ARGEL7® massage technique twice a day for 7 weeks on a painful joint area. Usage test ARGEL7® 2022 method.