Is it appendicitis? Take the jump test to find out!

Is it appendicitis?  Take the jump test to find out!

If there is one symptom that often recurs in children, it is a stomach ache. To find out if it could be appendicitis, it is possible to perform the jump test. TipsForWomens explains to you what this consists of.

Gastroenteritis, pain due to gas in the intestines, appendicitis… If your child has a stomach ache, there are many possible causes explaining his pain. To rule out the risk of appendicitis, there is an easy test to perform, recommended by a pediatrician and reported in the New York Postby a mother.

Appendicitis, inflammation of the appendix

The appendix is ​​an outgrowth of the colon, our large intestine. In the event of inflammation due to a virus, bacteria or parasite, we speak of appendicitis, a pathology which sometimes requires its removal by a surgical operation.

If appendicitis is not treated quickly, the appendix can rupture and lead to peritonitis, an inflammation of the entire abdominal cavity which can be very serious.

The jump test, to assess the presence of appendicitis

In the article of New York Postfaced with her child’s pain, the mother says that her pediatrician gave her the following advice: “If you want to check for appendicitis, you can do the jump test“. It involves making the child jump on the spot and seeing if his pain increases sharply. If this is not the case, it is probably not appendicitis.

A test that works seven times out of ten

Although it is not always precise, this test allows you to know by about 70% whether you are dealing with appendicitis. According to Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician based in Georgia, USA, “iThere are studies on the jump test. If you have a positive jump sign, there is a 70% chance it is appendicitis. So it’s not perfect, but the results are pretty good all the same.”.

Why does this test work? Because during appendicitis, the surrounding abdominal wall is also inflamed, which causes greater pain when walking or jumping. So try it the next time your child has a stomach ache.