Labrador, bulldog… These dog breeds that cost a lot of grooming costs

Labrador, bulldog… These dog breeds that cost a lot of grooming costs

Getting a dog is a decision with far more consequences than it seems, especially on an economic level. Indeed, some breeds are more expensive than others because they require more regular visits to the groomer than others.

British marketing agency Yell has listed the most high-maintenance dog breeds. It turns out that first place goes to the English Springer Spaniel, this medium-sized sporting dog. It is easily recognizable thanks to its medium-length hair, which forms fringes. Although his coat gives him a distinguished look, it requires some maintenance. It is recommended to take your English Springer Spaniel to the groomer every two weeks to have the hair cut around the head, legs and ears. His owner will have to spend, on average, 1,430 euros per year on grooming costs, according to Yell’s calculations.

The Labrador retriever is another very expensive dog breed. This animal is often appreciated by families for its friendly, playful and affectionate character. Its thick, dense coat is very pleasant to caress, although it requires some care. As with the English Springer Spaniel, it is advisable to take him to a grooming salon every two weeks. This need is particularly felt during moulting periods, which occur in spring and fall. Yell estimates that a Labrador retriever costs its owner 1,187 euros in grooming costs.

The French Bulldog and the Miniature Schnauzer also require maintenance, although for different reasons. For example, the French Bulldog’s coat needs to be brushed less regularly than that of a Miniature Schnauzer since the hairs that constitute it are short. However, the French Bulldog has folds on the head which must be cleaned more frequently. This breed of dog also has fragile ears: remember to inspect and wash them to minimize the risk of infection.

Regardless, these two breeds are among the most expensive in terms of grooming costs. The Golden Retriever, the English Cocker Spaniel and the German Shepherd also appear on this list.

Dogs that generally require the most maintenance are those with long, thick coats, although needs vary depending on breed. “Some breeds need a visit to the groomer every 4 to 6 weeks, while others can go without one for longer, and will need to go every 6 to 8 weeks,” says expert Shirelle Moore. in dog grooming, based in Wright Scruffs (United Kingdom), in a press release.

Yell’s ranking is based on prices of dog grooming salons in the UK. It is therefore possible that dog owners pay less for the maintenance of their animal depending on the country where they live. But whatever their location, certain dog breeds require more advanced care than others. You must therefore keep this aspect in mind when welcoming a doggie into your life.

Check out the list of dog breeds that require the most maintenance below:

1 – The English Springer Spaniel

2 – The Labrador Retriever

3 – The French Bulldog

4 – The Miniature Schnauzer

5 – Le Golden Retriever

6 – The English Cocker Spaniel

7 – The German Shepherd

8 – The short-haired Dachshund

9 – Le Staffordshire Bull Terrier

10 – The English Bulldog