Menopause can change the shape of women’s eyes according to specialists

Menopause can change the shape of women's eyes according to specialists

Menopause and its suite of symptoms are well known. But there are others, sometimes more surprising. According to English opticians, women’s eyes could change at this stage of life. Explanations.

Menopausal women all (or almost all) experience well-identified symptoms at this time of their life: hot flashes, mood swings, excessive sweating, etc. Others, however, are more surprising.

Dry eyes and more frequent infections during menopause

Relayed by the Daily Mail, information from English opticians explains that women’s eyes can change at this stage of life.

Due to the hormonal changes caused by menopause, dry eyes can set in, leading to more eye irritation and infections in these women.

Among the other consequences of this dryness, its “uncomfortable” side is cited but also “its impact on the quality of vision”. It might even make the eyes “more prone to watering,” the article reports.

Eyes that change shape

How to explain this change? Badrul Hussain, ophthalmic surgeon and consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, interviewed by the Daily Mail, explains: “Hormonal changes can affect the meibomian glands, which produce a substance that helps the eye protect itself and lubricate itself with tears“.

Even more surprising: the very shape of the eyes can change. “Some women report changes in their eyes around the time of menopause” explains Charlotte Cook, optometrist quoted by the English newspaper. And continues: “The eyes – specifically the cornea of ​​the eye – can also change shape as women age and their hormones change. This can cause problems for women who wear contact lenses, so it may be a good idea to have their eyes checked.” at this age of life, according to the specialist.

A consultation can actually be useful, because “tired or strained eyes can cause headaches or tension around the neck and shoulders“.