‘One Week Method’: a week to break bad habits

'One Week Method': a week to break bad habits

Did you think you were done with Dry January? It is not so ! One challenge chases another, but for the greatest happiness (and benefit) of those who want to put an end to some of their bad habits. This is exactly the aim of the new technique which is creating a buzz on social networks. More sustainable, the ‘One Week’ method was designed to consume less alcohol… all year round.

Why settle for the month of January when you can restrict your alcohol consumption during the twelve months of the year? This is the question asked by TikTok user Bridget Stangland (@sipsandsnacks), who is behind the success of this new method which has already garnered nearly two million views on the Chinese social network. The concept is quite simple: it is a question of making a Dry January less restrictive – and above all less long – but more often during the year, to try to adopt less and reasoned consumption in the long term. A method which would have proven itself, according to the young woman, and which she called “One Week No Booze Method” – quickly reduced to “One Week Method”.

One week per month

In a video viewed more than 800,000 times, Bridget Stangland explains that she realized that there was always an opportunity, whatever it was, to consume alcohol, without it bringing anything positive. . As a result, she wanted to try a lasting method that would allow her to obtain lasting and (really) beneficial results. There is obviously no question here of saying that Dry January is ineffective, far from it, but that if it is possible to drink even less… Why do without it? This is the whole purpose of the ‘One Week’ method which would allow you to not drink alcohol for at least three months out of twelve.

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As you will have understood, this new type of method invites men and women to abstain from drinking alcohol for one week per month. Not only would the constraint be less, but it would make it possible to review and question this consumption more regularly during the year. Beyond removing the constraint of abstinence which can be considered too long, suddenly, this method would make it possible, according to the main person concerned, to avoid going from everything to nothing, and by extension to maintain over time, but also to adopt better habits throughout the year. And if it works, Bridget Stangland suggests, for those who wish, moving to two weeks per month. A challenge that would offer the opportunity to not consume alcohol for six months of the year.

Infinitely adaptable

You just have to look at the comments posted under the video to see that the method is already unanimous. “With Dry January over, I was trying to come up with a plan for the future. It’s a good idea !“, “I started with a week, now I’m 4.5 months without drinking“, “It was very difficult for me at first socially, but once I started cutting down on my drinking in general, I only allowed myself one at parties with friends. Then zero“, or “I started with one week and now it’s ten weeks and I’ve never felt better. My chronic anxiety has calmed down, I sleep better and I have lost weight“, are among the multitude of positive opinions shared about the method.

If the ‘One Week’ method was primarily designed for alcohol consumption, it can in reality be adapted to many bad habits, from smoking to certain foods to time spent in front of screens, for example. And if a week seems too long for some, it is also possible to choose a slightly shorter period and try to do better over time. Note also that a recent study found that reducing the size of glasses of wine consumed in bars also had a positive impact on alcohol consumption.

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