Please note, this sleeping bag must no longer be used!

Please note, this sleeping bag must no longer be used!

A sleeping bag sold in major brands throughout Europe has been the subject of a recall since December 18. The zipper slider could come loose and cause the baby to suffocate.

The sleeping bag remains the essential accessory for baby to have a good, warm night’s sleep. But a long-sleeved model from the Petit Béguin brand currently has a defect which could lead to respiratory arrest in children under 3 years old. The article is recalled throughout Europe.

What is the recalled turbulette?

This is a sleeping bag from the Petit Béguin brand, named BB Fille Machu Pichu Ecru sold from August 30, 2023 to December 13, 2023 on the Petit Béguin and La Redoute websites.

  • N° LOT 0423 – 0/6M
  • N° LOT 0423 – 6/18M
  • N° LOT 0423 – 18/36M

What is the problem ?

In this item, the slider is likely to become detached from the zipper and be ingested by children under 3 years old, creating a risk of choking and respiratory arrest.

It is therefore advisable to no longer use the product and destroy it. The brand also specifies that each customer will be contacted directly by email. No action is necessary, the item will be automatically refunded within 30 days. More information on 03 20 66 16 66

This recall procedure will end on February 15, 2024.