Product recall: be careful, this car seat is dangerous for baby’s safety!

Product recall: be careful, this car seat is dangerous for baby's safety!

Be careful if you have purchased this car seat from the Britax Römer brand. Potential risk of shell detachment may result in injury. The brand is therefore carrying out a massive recall throughout Europe. Explanations.

The BABY-SAFE 5Z2 car seat from the Britax Römer brand accompanies your baby from birth until 15 months. However, the brand has decided to massively recall this childcare product throughout Europe. Indeed, the latter presents a safety defect for babies. Many batches are affected. Find out which ones.

BABY-SAFE 5Z: what are the defective batches?

Marketed throughout Europe between 07/13/2023 and 10/21/2023, many lots of car seats are now prohibited for sale:

Brand: Britax Römer

Model or reference: BABY-SAFE 5Z2

Lot Only products manufactured before October 21, 2023 may be affected.

Packaging: The product is packaged in a cardboard box measuring 72x39x46 cm. Inside the box, the product is packed in a polybag.

Marketing date: 07/13/2023

End of marketing date: 10/21/2023

Geographical sales area: entire Europe

Distributors: See list.

Additional information to identify the product: Go to to request a replacement for your product. You will also find a description where you will find the serial number of the product.

What should I do if I have this car seat?

According to Rappel Conso, Britax Römer, the brand of this car seat, has identified a problem that could affect baby’s safety. “Un potential risk of the shell detaching which could then fall, collide with other objects and injure the child. Two cases of injuries were reported but could not be confirmed.

For the safety of your baby, it is strongly recommended that you no longer use this car seat. However, you can return it to the point of sale to benefit from an exchange.

For any questions, you can visit to request a replacement for your product. For any questions, do not hesitate to write via this email address: [email protected].