Product recall: children’s down jacket poses a choking hazard

Product recall: children's down jacket poses a choking hazard

Since Friday, a children’s down jacket has been recalled. The reason ? With a manufacturing defect in the buttons, it could cause choking. Explanations.

A Michael Kors down jacket is currently being recalled because it could cause serious problems. In fact, its buttons come off easily and could be ingested by the child wearing it. Find out the details of the product as well as the risks involved.

Children’s down jacket: product details

The information on the label of this down jacket is as follows.

  • Product category: Clothing, Fashion, PPE
  • Sub-category : Clothing, textiles, fashion accessories Down jacket
  • Marque : Michael Kors
  • Model or reference: R16129/Z99 2ans and 3ans color scheme; R16129/190 2ans and 3ans white color
  • GTIN : 3143162572033 / Lot : R16129 190 2A
  • GTIN : 3143162640961 / Lot : R16129 190 3A
  • GTIN : 3143162661102 / Lot : R16129 Z99 2A
  • GTIN : 3143162523424 / Lot : R16129 Z99 3A
  • Packaging: In bag
  • Start/end date of marketing: from 06/01/2023 to 01/04/2024
  • Geographical sales area: HEAR (11)
  • Distributors: GALAKAEL SARL – LES CAIDS – Carrefour shopping center – 24 boulevard de Creissel – 11100 NARBONNE

What to do if you bought this down jacket?

This children’s coat has been recalled because the snap buttons have a manufacturing defect. In fact, they can come loose and be swallowed by the child. The latter would then risk respiratory arrest which could cause serious internal damage.

To avoid such an accident, no longer use the product, destroy it or return the down jacket to the point of purchase. If necessary, the contact number is:

Please note: it is possible to be reimbursed until the end date of the procedure set at March 2, 2024.