Product recall: This baby changing table is dangerous!

Product recall: This baby changing table is dangerous!

According to the government site Rappel Conso, a changing table is the subject of a product recall. The reason ? The planned safety requirements are not met. This product can cause external injuries to the child. Explanations.

Marketed from 06/26/2019 to 07/13/2023 by the Mon Mobilier Design brand, a changing table with extendable bathtub is no longer available for sale. Following a laboratory check, this childcare product does not meet the required safety standards. Indeed, it has been found that the child can jam a limb, get his head stuck or have a very bad fall. TipsForWomens takes stock of this incriminated product.

Changing table recalled: what lot is it?

Here is the important information to take into account, concerning the changing table of the PLASTIMYR brand:

  • Product category: Babies-Children (excluding food);
  • Product subcategory: Children’s and childcare articles;
  • Product Brand Name: PLASTIMYR;
  • Model names or references: Changing table with extendable tub LIV ref 880;
  • Identification of products:
    • GTIN : 8432316880434 ;
    • GTIN : 8432316880410 ;
    • GTIN : 8432316880021 ;
    • GTIN : 8432316880038 ;
    • GTIN : 8432316880007 ;
    • GTIN : 8432316880014 ;
    • GTIN : 8432316880069 ;
    • GTIN : 8432316880076 ;
  • Packaging: CARDBOARD;
  • Marketing start/end date: From 06/26/2019 to 07/13/2023;
  • Geographical area of ​​sale: entire Europe;
  • Distributors: MonMobilierDesign.

What if I have this changing table?

Also according to the dangerous product alerts site, “although no accident is known, the product is declared non-compliant and dangerous. As a precaution, we are recalling this product. It must no longer be used”.

Following a check carried out by the Lyon-Oullin laboratory, this baby changing table “does not comply with the applicable standard NF EN 1221 + A1 (2013) and the safety requirements provided for in the appendix to decree no. 91-1292 of 20/12/1991”explains Rappel Conso.

For the child’s safety, it is therefore strongly recommended that you no longer use this childcare product. However, you can return it to the point of sale. You will then be offered a refund. For all requests for additional information, you can reach this number 0477763281.