Recall of many soft toys from sports club mascots

Recall of many soft toys from sports club mascots

Many mascot soft toys distributed in official sports club stores are subject to a recall. Dangerous for children, these soft toys from the Poupluche brand could pose a risk of suffocation.

Many soft toy mascots from sports clubs (mainly rugby and football) from the Poupluche brand have been recalled throughout Europe. The hard part under the feet is too big for babies before 10 months, they can lead to a risk of suffocation by regurgitation.

Many soft toy mascots recalled throughout France.

The complete list of affected soft toys is available on the website rappel.conso.gouv by clicking here.

You are asked to return the product to the point of sale. A credit or an exchange with a plush toy with a soft-footed version (without the hard part) will be offered by the end of the operation set for February 15, 2024.