Risk of poisoning: these tubes of paint for children recalled throughout Europe!

Risk of poisoning: these tubes of paint for children recalled throughout France!

Since yesterday, 4 tubes of children’s paint from the Crayola Mini Kids brand have been recalled because allergenic substances have been identified. They could even lead to poisoning. Explanations with TipsForWomens.

Sold throughout Europe, these four tubes of paint are being recalled because analyzes revealed the presence of allergenic substances, prohibited in this type of product. With regulatory thresholds largely exceeded, they could lead to severe allergies in children, or even poisoning. TipsForWomens explains in detail the dangers of the product as well as the procedure to follow.

4 Tubes of Washable Finger Paint: Product Information

The product has the following details on its label:

  • Product category: Babies-Children (excluding food)
  • Sub-category : Toys
  • Marque : CRAYOLA Mini Kids
  • Model or reference: Ref. Style#: 81-1476 – Code#: 81-1476-E-203
  • GTIN : 071662114763
  • Batch concerned: J2022
  • Geographical sales area: Whole Europe
  • Distributors: Large retail stores (notably Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Leclerc, Hyper U) Toy stores (notably Joué Club, King Cadeau, La Grande Récré, Maxi Toys, Starjouet, Tiniloo, Sajou)
  • Additional information to identify the product: The batch number J2022 is mentioned above the barcode.

What are the risks for your child?

If these paint tubes were recalled, it is because they contain allergenic substances such as CMR and MIT.

CMR is a toxic and dangerous chemical agent which induces, in the medium or long term, carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic effects for reproduction. MIT is an allergenic substance for the skin. This type of allergy manifests itself with eczema, redness, swelling, sometimes oozing and severe itching. Symptoms usually occur 1 to 2 days after contact with the ingredient, at the location on the body that came into contact with it.

Thus, these two unauthorized substances and beyond the regulatory thresholds make the product dangerous. Furthermore, it presents a risk of poisoning.

To protect your child’s health, make sure that he or she no longer uses the product. Do not hesitate to contact the point of sale. To compensate for this error, it is possible to have the tubes of paint reimbursed.