Risk of suffocation: this Dinosaur soft toy recalled throughout Europe

Risk of suffocation: this Dinosaur soft toy recalled throughout France

A soft toy from the Living NAture range, sold throughout Europe, could cause respiratory arrest in children after ingestion.

This Christmas time, buying a soft toy seems like a good gift idea. Please note, however, if you have purchased a Dinosaur soft toy, a certain model is subject to a recall throughout Europe.

A Bracchiosaure soft toy sold throughout Europe

The product affected by the recall is distributed by toy stores and certain tourist sites.

This soft toy is accused of causing “respiratory arrest” in babies and young children. According to the Government Consumer Recall website this product is “Non-compliant and Dangerous” – The 2 year old Brachiosaurus sample in stock was found with eyes which, when a test force was applied, detached and have become cowards.”

Here are the references of the product in question:

  • GTIN 5037832307217
  • Packaging: individually
  • Marketing date: 01/02/2020
  • End of marketing date: 08/31/2021
  • Geographical sales area: entire Europe
  • Distributors: toy shops, tourist sites

Consumers are invited not to use this product, destroy it or return it to the store until April 1, 2024 in order to obtain a refund or exchange.

How to react in the event of choking in a child?

Toys, candy, accessories… Babies and young children tend to put everything in their mouths. Learning to react correctly allows you to avoid a tragedy if they choke. Certain gestures/reflexes prove very useful:

  • In case of partial suffocation (the victim coughs and/or makes sounds): let the child cough and reassure him: he will expel the object on his own. On the other hand, don’t slap him on the back; this action could make the situation worse.
  • In case of total suffocation (no sound comes out of his mouth): Give a maximum of 5 slaps on the back of the child (over one year old). Tap vigorously between the shoulder blades, 5 times in a row. If this method does not work, opt for the Heimlich maneuver (in children over one year old): place yourself behind the child, pressed against him. Place your closed fist between his navel and the lower end of the sternum. “Then, hold your fist in place using your other hand. Press your fist firmly towards you and upwards and repeat this gesture a maximum of 5 times” specifies the Red Cross.

If the child loses consciousness, place him on his back and immediately call 15. While waiting for help, perform cardiac massage.

Good to know : whatever the type of choking in the child, it is appropriate to consult.