She thought she had Covid, she ended up having her hands and feet amputated

She thought she had Covid, she ended up having her hands and feet amputated

After staying in Gabon, a mother had her hands and feet amputated due to a serious form of malaria. She thought she had caught Covid-19 and did not tell the doctor that she was returning from abroad, which delayed her treatment.

While she was suffering from a flu syndrome, Lucie, a mother then aged 41, thought she had contracted Covid-19. In reality, she caught a severe form of malaria after returning from Gabon.

She does not tell the doctor about her trip abroad

While suffering from flu-like symptoms, the young woman went to see a doctor. She does not tell him that she is returning from Gabon where she went to meet her partner’s family, as our colleagues from Europe 3 Pays de la Loire tell us. She spent a month in Libreville, returning to Europe, she contracted these symptoms and was prescribed paracetamol, after contacting the Samu.

Symptoms that get worse… until amputation

But the treatment does not cure Lucie, who does not suffer from Covid-19 but from a severe form of malaria. She has two vagal discomforts, her condition worsens and her blood pressure drops. His attending physician then thought first of malaria, a diagnosis which would later be confirmed.

Lucie was ultimately hospitalized for several weeks and was plunged into an artificial coma on two occasions. Faced with the disease which necrotizes part of his hands and feet, doctors have no other choice but to offer amputation. They have to cut off her hands and feet, otherwise she risks developing septicemia, which would be fatal.

Operated on her 43rd birthday

There are very few cases like this. I was not lucky” believes the mother, who still says she is lucky to be alive. She is now working on her rehabilitation and has since been able to benefit from prosthetics.

I never let myself get so down that I wanted to give up or want to hole up at home for weeks under the duvet.” explains this dance and piano enthusiast. She has also launched a fundraiser to improve this equipment and be able to continue practicing the activities she loves.