“SideCard”: what is this 2.0 bank card that advances your healthcare costs?

“SideCard”: what is this 2.0 bank card that advances your healthcare costs?

While many French people have had difficulty making ends meet, a bank card, called SideCard, offers employees the possibility of prepaying their health expenses.

Are you overdrawn this month and have to go to your optician as a bonus? No need to empty your Livret A. A 2.0 bank card advances your healthcare costs.

An anti-crisis shield for the French

In an inflationary context where health costs are skyrocketing and where the purchasing power of the middle classes is at stake, a bank card stands out from the others.

The “SideCard”, designed by the French company Sidecare, provides each French employee with up to €1,500 in advance of expenses per month, including for care outside the Social Security network.

Concretely, during a consultation with a health professional (dentist, optician, osteopath, doctor, pharmacist, etc.), all you need to do is present your third party payment card, your Vitale card, then pay for the consultation with the famous card. .

Once Social Security and mutual insurance make the reimbursement, the SideCard then withdraws the total amount of the treatment directly from the insured’s personal bank account.

A real breath of fresh air for employees, in a context where nearly one in two French people have already given up, or postponed, at least one consultation with a health professional due to its cost (Opinion Way survey for Sofinscope).

The other benefits of the card? It is valid for all healthcare professionals, everywhere in Europe.

“We have seen the stress that health costs inflict on French employees. With the SideCard, we are changing the situation. It’s our way of saying: health first, financial worries second.” confides Anna Rossin, CEO and co-founder of SideCare, on this subject.

How to benefit from advance expenses?

For the moment, only companies can offer this card to their employees. So all you have to do is convince your HR manager!