The three times when you should definitely not brush your teeth, according to a dentist

The three times when you should definitely not brush your teeth, according to a dentist

An everyday gesture, brushing your teeth also has its rules and certain times of the day should even be avoided. The reason ? They would lead to the appearance of cavities, according to a dentist.

We all know the main golden rules for good toothbrushing: at least twice a day, for three minutes, using a toothpaste with an appropriate fluoride dosage… However, English dentist Shaadi Manouchehri adds that we should avoid doing it at certain times of the day, at the risk of encouraging the development of cavities. Find out what these moments are and why it is best to avoid them.

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After eating sugary foods

Remember that sugary foods and drinks are one of the main causes of cavities. Thus, in her explanatory video posted on Instagram, the dentist highlights two moments after which brushing teeth is compromised: after breakfast and after small sweet snacks.

The dentist specifies: “When you have just eaten a sugary meal, your mouth is in a very acidic state. In fact, the bacteria present there have the role of breaking down the sugar in food and this creates acid.“. She also adds “By brushing your teeth, you rub this acid on the tooth and this can wear it down”. By damaging the tooth surface, you increase the risk of developing cavities. Therefore, brushing your teeth right after a snack or a very sugary breakfast is never a good idea.

After vomiting

Once you’ve regurgitated, your first urge is probably to brush your teeth. However, because vomit is very acidic, it is not recommended to brush your teeth immediately. In the same way as after your breakfast or your snacks, the dentist explains: “The contents of the stomach are extremely acidic. After regurgitating, your mouth is also very acidic. By brushing your teeth directly afterwards, you risk wearing away your enamel.”

How to prevent the appearance of cavities?

There are several symptoms to recognize a cavity: toothache, appearance of white or brown spots on your teeth, pain when you eat or drink hot, cold or sweet, hole on your tooth… Caries can also be caused by accumulation of a layer of bacteria called “plaque“. Over time, these bacteria cause more and more serious damage to your teeth.

To prevent their appearance and development, the dentist gives you important advice: “wait at least an hour to brush your teeth after eating sweets”. She also recalls: “Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, use dental floss or interdental brushes to clean between your teeth daily“.

Finally, “don’t forget to make regular visits to the dentist.”

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