These 3 chocolate powders get the highest marks on Yuka

These 3 chocolate powders get the highest marks on Yuka

If your children love to have hot chocolate for breakfast, be careful of chocolate powders sold in supermarkets which contain a lot of sugar. Here are the highest rated cocoa powders on Yuka.

To start the day off right, breakfast is essential, especially for children. The “classic” menu generally consists of one or two slices of sandwich bread with butter and jam, a hot drink (or a glass of cold milk), as well as a piece of fruit. Many children ask for a bowl of hot chocolate for breakfast, but in the chocolate powder aisle not all products are created equal… The Yuka application helps you make the best choice for your children.

The best chocolate powder gets a score of 94/100 on Yuka

Thanks to the Yuka application you can make the best food choices for the whole family. In the chocolate powder section, the application scanned around ten references. Verdict? It is the Pure cocoa chocolate powder, without added sugars, Destination which displays the best score: 94/100. Next comes the unsweetened cocoa powder from the Van Houten brand (51/100), tied with the 100% cocoa powder sold at Carrefour.

How to choose the right chocolate powder?

If you have not (yet) downloaded the Yuka application, it is possible to check the contents of the chocolate powders sold in the supermarket yourself. To do this, you must first look at the raw cocoa content which must be the main ingredient of the product. Also pay attention to the sugar content which very often exceeds reasonable limits in this type of breakfast product (just like cereals). Finally, to ban additives as much as possible. Indeed, according to the consumer association UFC Que Choisir, a quarter of additives are at risk: of the more than 300 authorized additives, their work shows that 87 of them are to be avoided or unrecommendable, or more than a quarter. Moreover, some of them, azo dyes (E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129), often present in confectionery, could contribute to hyperactivity in children according to scientific studies.