These baby liniments are the best according to the Yuka app

These baby liniments are the best according to the Yuka app

Perhaps you are used to using liniment to clean your child’s bottom when changing? Know that not everyone is equal. Here are the six best products, according to the Yuka app. Enough to clean your baby safely!

An oleo-limescale mixture based on lime water and olive oil, liniment is a natural product, ideal for changing your child’s diaper. The brands all offer their liniment, labeled organic or not, but be careful, because not all are equal. The Yuka app rates six at 100/100, so perfectly healthy for your little one. Find out which ones!

The best liniments, selected by Yuka

As a reminder, Yuka is an application that allows you to scan food and cosmetic products, with the aim of informing consumers about the composition of the products. It is thus possible to know their health risk, particularly in the event of the presence of harmful additives. For liniments, the six references rated 100/100 are:

  • Organic liniment from the Poupina brand;
  • Organic liniment from Corinne de Farme;
  • Biolane organic liniment;
  • The oleo-limescale liniment seat of So bio baby;
  • The hypoallergenic liniment from Mixa baby;
  • And the organic oleo-limescale liniment from the Tidoo brand;

Clean baby’s bottom, safely and without rinsing

You can therefore safely choose between these six products to clean your baby’s bottom without danger. To decide between different products, of equivalent quality, price can therefore be a criterion. For fans of 100% homemade, it is also possible to prepare your own mixture, by purchasing the different ingredients.

In any case, liniment remains essential, to easily clean baby’s fragile skin without rinsing. Its oily texture allows, in addition to eliminating stools and urine without difficulty, to hydrate your child’s skin and prevent any risk of diaper rash. A must-have in your changing tables and bags!