This application helps reduce and better control tinnitus

This application helps reduce and better control tinnitus

An application, developed by researchers, can reduce the discomfort caused by tinnitus in just a few weeks.

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder that can be characterized by squeaking, buzzing or whistling sounds. More than 250 million people suffer from it worldwide, including 15 million French people. These disorders prove problematic, since to date there are no treatments to get rid of them permanently. Therefore, the appearance of the MindEar application represents a source of hope.

L’application MindEar

Called MindEar, the new free application available on smartphones could reduce the discomfort linked to tinnitus, according to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Audiology and Otology.

Although there is no cure for tinnitus, research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective in relieving these hearing problems. That's why the MindEar app uses a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness exercises, relaxation and sound therapy to train the brain to pay less attention to tinnitus. Through a virtual coach, the application allows you to work on complex situations.

Promising results

Tested on several participants, the app was found to be invaluable in reducing feelings of distress related to tinnitus, as well as the levels of anxiety and depression that can result. Although more research is needed, adding “telepsychology” into the daily lives of people with tinnitus could be beneficial. In particular, when face-to-face interventions with a health professional are not possible.

Test sophrology against tinnitus

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