This essential (and yet forgotten) gesture to do to avoid colds

This essential (and yet forgotten) gesture to do to avoid colds

To deal with a blocked nose and the feeling of a cold, just one simple gesture could make the difference, as Dr Gérald Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens, reveals to us.

The feeling of a blocked or runny nose is a symptom that we all experience at least once during the winter. Although it is not serious, this congested nose can nevertheless be very unpleasant and bother us day and night. However, there is a small gesture to get out quickly.

A nose wash with physiological serum or sea water

This gesture is nose washing, based on physiological serum or a seawater solution, which we often think of for babies but which we lose the habit of on a daily basis, in favor of vasoconstrictor drugs, yet dangerous.

“This washing is a real nasopharyngeal clearing! It facilitates blowing your nose, rebalances the humidity of the mucous membranes, reduces nasal congestion, eliminates allergens and irritants, prevents upper respiratory tract infections, and improves breathing. recognizes our expert.

In addition to being effective, nose washing is also very easy to access for everyone: its cost/effectiveness ratio is very interesting and it benefits from an almost absence of side effects, unlike vasoconstrictors (not recommended for risks of stroke, Editor’s note).

The correct instructions for use

How to benefit from all the good effects of this nose wash? The technique is extremely simple: serum or seawater spray, rinse your nose by holding it slightly tilted, so that your product reaches all of the nasal passages and cleans impurities.

A reflex to adopt 2 to 3 times a day in case of congestion. “And to keep once a day when you are not sick, as a hygiene routine” advises our doctor.