This object causes a feeling of anxiety for 28% of French people

This object causes a feeling of anxiety for 28% of French people

We use it frequently, far too much in fact. And yet, having your smartphone with you every day is not always a pleasure and even causes anxiety among 28% of French people.

As smartphones take an increasingly central place in our lives, to the point where the question of digital addiction becomes one of the major concerns from a societal and environmental point of view, Ifop questions the French on their relationship to their smartphone.

65% of people say they are dependent on their smartphone

In partnership with Act for the environment, Ifop conducted a survey with a sample of 1,423 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over. The results reveal that 65% of those surveyed say they are dependent on their smartphone. And for good reason, apart from at night, the smartphone occupies an important place during the day, with 87% of participants using it in the morning after waking up, 81% in the evening before sleeping and 66% during meals.

Moreover, 46% of participants consider their smartphone essential and 49% useful but not essential. Other convincing data: 40% of participants have never spent a day without their smartphone since they got one.

The consequences of this dependence

Trivialized, the use of the smartphone nevertheless causes unpleasant emotions on a daily basis. According to Ifop, 28% of French people feel anxiety when they forget their smartphone and cannot be reached, 14% feel frustration, 11% feel confused and 10% feel worried. However, 16% of participants feel almost relieved to feel a form of freedom and disconnection.

So how long could we go without a smartphone? According to Ifop, 91% of people said they could do without it for a day and 60% for a week.