This smart glove can teach you how to master new skills

This smart glove can teach you how to master new skills

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed new smart glove technology allowing the acquisition of new, technical and precise gestures. For this, it is equipped with sensors that detect the movements of the user’s palm and fingers.

The smart glove is equipped with sensors that detect hand and finger movements with high precision. This data is then passed to an algorithm which analyzes it and provides real-time feedback to the user. It can then take different forms, such as sound signals or visual displays or even vibrations via haptic feedback. This allows you to learn new gestures and master new skills, such as playing the piano or operating remotely.

New knowledge at your fingertips

The glove has already been tested on volunteers, who have been able to acquire new skills more quickly and with more precision than after training in the traditional way. According to the researchers, the glove could be used in many areas, whether for learning new gestures from musicians, athletes, doctors or technicians specializing in complex manual tasks. Everyone must be as precise as possible and the idea is to make this glove customizable, to adapt to everyone’s needs.

A technology still in development

Currently, the interface can only help with simple movements, like pressing a key or grabbing an object. In the future, MIT’s system could incorporate more user data and make more conformable, waterproof clothing to better account for the impact of hand movements on haptic perceptions“, indicates MIT in a press release.

Still in the development phase, this technology was the subject of a publication in Nature Communications.