Tooth whitening kit: is it dangerous? Our dentist’s opinion

Tooth whitening kit: is it dangerous?  Our dentist's opinion

You dream of having brighter teeth and plan to try teeth whitening at home. If they are much less expensive than at the dentist, are they safe? The answers of Dr. Christophe Lequart, dentist.

Almost everyone dreams of having white teeth. While tooth whitening at the dentist remains the safest way to achieve this, other solutions exist, such as smile bars or tooth whitening kits sold in pharmacies. Less expensive, are these techniques safe? Let’s take stock with Dr. Christophe Lequart, dentist.

Two types of tooth coloring

The tooth is a living structure made up of different layers. This is why there is external tooth coloring and internal tooth coloring. “The first, external dental coloring, is modified by our diet and the consumption of certain drinks, particularly tea or coffee.” explains Christophe Lequart. “It can be modified by carrying out scaling, which is cleaning of the external structure of the tooth“.

The internal coloring of the tooth can only be modified by the use of a whitening product, which consists of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which when decomposed becomes hydrogen peroxide. adds the specialist.

Products subject to European regulations

To whiten your teeth, you can go to the dentist or use a commercially purchased tooth whitening kit. “You can use this type of product, but you can’t expect to get the same result as you would from a dentist.” specifies the specialist. “These products are subject to European regulations which indicate that the maximum concentration of hydrogen peroxide they can contain is 0.1%. At the dentist, it is 6%. In fact, it is not the same thing” he points out.

Is it safe to use a teeth whitening kit?

The benefit of going to the dentist also lies in the fact that he will be able to do a complete scaling, advise you or even treat you beforehand.”. Indeed, in any case, even if you prefer to buy a teeth whitening kit, this visit is recommended. “In addition to cleaning the outer layer of the tooth by scaling, the dentist can also treat cavities or gingivitis, because whitening is not recommended if the teeth and gums are not healthy. adds the dentist. Before remembering that composites, crowns or any other non-natural element will not whiten, regardless of the product used.