Unlocking the secrets of wellness with Chenot Palace Weggis

Unlocking the secrets of wellness with Chenot Palace Weggis

Frenchman Henri Chenot is called a detox guru. But his healing method is not only about a diet, with the help of which you can remove waste and toxins from the body. It also draws on the traditions of Chinese medicine: these include phytocosmetics, energy points, and the prevention of 21st century diseases at the molecular level. The complex was called the Chenault healing method; it took almost half a century to develop and polish it, and it was introduced into the global detox industry.

Three years ago, the Chenot Clinic opened a flagship base, Chenot Palace Weggis (Switzerland, Hertensteinstrasse 34, 6353 Weggis) – a detox resort with wellness programs based on the Chenot method. You cannot come here for a day or two; the course of treatment lasts at least a week. To make it easier to choose, there are three course options, but after consultation with doctors and mandatory check-ins, each program is tailored to a specific person.

The basic option is an in-depth detox to cleanse and restart the body, restore damaged tissues and normalize hormonal levels. A program with a focus on energy balance helps relieve stress and overcome insomnia by normalizing biorhythms. The third program is anti-aging. In all cases, patented Chenot procedures are used.

All programs are based on a low-calorie diet with a predominance of plant foods, work with the nervous system, as well as diagnostics and procedures that help not only cleanse the body “in the moment,” but also stimulate its defenses in the long term.

Recently, a new laboratory, The Chenot Molecular Lab for Optimal Living, was opened at Chenot Palace Weggis. Using a blood test, specialists create an epigenetic “portrait” that determines our well-being today and in the future. With the help of this screening, you can understand where there is a malfunction in the body, and where it will only arise, many years later. And what should be changed in your diet and lifestyle now so that this does not happen, and youth, vigor and good health are preserved for as long as possible.

Detox according to Chenault is, first of all, proper nutrition. The doctor has published more than one book on this topic, so you can prepare by reading these kind of textbooks. Of course, the nutrition plan within the chosen program is drawn up individually, but there are a number of general principles. Naturopathic nutritionist Henri Chenot believed that food can be an excellent medicine.

With the help of its system, harmful substances are not simply removed from the body – the cleansing process is started at the cellular level. This is achieved primarily through eating fresh and seasonal foods prepared in a special way: at low temperatures, using acidic marinades and using “wet” cooking technology. Salt and caffeine are excluded, but some spices are allowed. At the same time, there is no fasting: three meals a day. You need to drink a lot of water throughout the day, and guests are also offered herbal teas (formulations from Chenot) and vitamin cocktails.

All this happens in beautiful scenery. Chenot Palace Weggis is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne (the hotel has its own beach, and in summer, at a water temperature of just over 20 degrees, you can and should swim), half an hour from Lucerne and 45 minutes from Zurich.

The complex includes a historical mansion of the late 19th century and a super-futuristic medical and laboratory complex of almost 5 thousand square meters. m. Furnishings, finishing and decorative elements were developed specifically for Chenot Palace Weggis; in the interiors, everything is subordinated to natural beauty and nature.

Special attention was paid to objects of art. The emphasis in the collection is on Swiss artists. These include photographs at the intersection of different types of art by Tonatiu Ambrosetti, and prints by Dagmar Bühler and Daniela Droz, and wooden sculptures by Simon Depierraz, as well as bronze by Martha Marnetti, and landscapes by Marius Morgo, Marco Scorti and Esther Vonplon. All works have a meditative and harmonizing message. This is also part of Chenault’s philosophy: the environment affects our psychological state, and it can also be “programmed” so that it works for health. And the main testament of Dr. Chenault is this: “The key to good health is the ability to live in harmony with oneself.”