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Urinary leakage in women

Urinary leakage in women

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In Europe, thousands of women are affected by incontinence, whatever their age. Caused by medical, neurological factors or linked to different phases of women’s lives, incontinence manifests itself by involuntary losses of urine. On a daily basis, it can prove debilitating, even debilitating. For these reasons, there are solutions that allow women to regain control over their lives. Wearing anti-urinary leak pants is one of them.

Causes and symptoms of incontinence

The causes of urinary leakage in women are multiple. If certain neurological causes such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis can be the cause of incontinence, this disorder can also appear during pregnancy, menopause or alongside a medical condition such as diabetes. obesity or triggering a urinary infection.

Incontinence mainly manifests itself as involuntary loss of urine and can take several forms. Women affected by urge incontinence experience leaking related to a sudden and urgent need to urinate. Women affected by stress incontinence may have leaks occurring following a particular effort (sneezing, burst of laughter, etc.). It is also possible that the two types of incontinence mentioned above occur simultaneously: we then speak of mixed incontinence.

What solutions?

Urinary incontinence can be treated in several ways. Generally, the choice of treatment depends on the type of incontinence from which the woman concerned suffers. If a woman who has just given birth is advised to contact a health professional to begin perineal rehabilitation sessions, we recommend that postmenopausal women opt for hormonal treatment. Certain medications may also be prescribed to tone the sphincter.

In some cases, surgery may be recommended, particularly in cases of stress incontinence, in which case the surgeon will place a strip under the affected woman’s urethra. This intervention makes it possible, in most cases, to make the incontinence disappear.

TENA, for incontinent women

Because they do not wish to take treatment, have an operation, or are simply looking for a practical solution to alleviate their condition, many women prefer to opt for products designed specifically for them.

REALLY, a Swedish brand born in 1960, offers incontinent women different models of anti-urinary leakage panties. These underwear, made from cotton, elastane, polyamide or polyester, are reusable because they can be washed in the washing machine. Lightweight anti-leak panties do not stop incontinence but simply allow women to regain self-confidence by absorbing urine loss. All year round, the brand offers prices to suit all budgets. For example, for 3 items purchased, a 20% promotion applies. And for Black Friday, which runs from November 6 to 27, TENA is offering attractive discounts. The women concerned will be able to benefit from up to 50% reduction on a selection of items. These unique offers are part of the brand’s desire to offer affordable products that suit all women.