“Vegan” cats are said to be healthier than others

“Vegan” cats are said to be healthier than others

Cat owners tend to treat their furball as they would a loved one. This is why they cajole them, shower them with gifts and make them follow the same diet as them. And the vegan diet could be beneficial for felines, according to a new study.

British and German researchers wanted to determine whether the theory that eating vegetarian is good for your health applies to cats. To do this, they questioned 1,369 owners about the diet and state of health of their cat over a period of one year. Only 9% of them put their little companion on a vegan diet; the rest fed them with meat.

Fewer visits to the vet

This analysis showed that “vegan” cats went to the veterinarian less often than those who follow a more conventional diet. They also tended to take fewer medications than their predatory companions. And this, even if they were of a certain age or were castrated. Indeed, sterilized cats must follow a suitable diet to avoid becoming overweight and avoid the formation of urinary stones.

The scientists also looked at the prevalence of 22 cat-specific health disorders among carnivores and vegans. They found that 37% of felines on a vegan diet suffered from at least one of these disorders, compared to 42% of those fed meat. Of these twenty pathologies, fifteen were more frequent in cats eating a traditional diet, and seven in cats eating plants.

Better general health

These results allowed the academics to conclude that vegan cats are generally healthier than their counterparts eating animal protein. “This general trend was clear and consistent“, write the researchers in their study, published in the journal PLOS One. However, these conclusions should be taken with caution given that it is difficult to know whether cats really follow a 100% carnivorous or 100% vegan diet. Furthermore, they are based on the declarations of their masters, which does not guarantee their reliability.

Regardless, this study is consistent with previous work showing the virtues of a vegan diet for cats. Owners wishing to put their cat on such a diet can consult a veterinarian to ensure that it meets all the nutritional needs of their little companion.