Watch out for this new TikTok buzz about smearing vaseline INSIDE your eyes

Watch out for this new TikTok buzz about smearing vaseline INSIDE your eyes

If you are a fan of the social network TikTok, you may have seen videos advising you to put vaseline in the corner or even inside your eye? Be careful not to repeat this potentially dangerous tip.

To keep your makeup intact and prevent your eyes from watering due to the cold, TikTok videos recommend putting vaseline in the corners of your eyes, or even inside them. But be careful of this trend, which can be dangerous.

A tip seen millions of times

In these videos, popularized by #wateryeyehack and #vaselinehacks with millions of views, we can see people putting vaseline in the corners of their eyes using a cotton swab. Eye specialists denounce these practices, which can cause problems and blurred vision. They therefore encourage people not to reproduce this tip.

The eyelid is a fragile structure

In addition, petroleum jelly, which is oily in nature, can encourage the appearance of tiny cysts, called milium grains. These small rashes are completely benign, although not very aesthetically pleasing. They correspond to a mass of dead cells, trapped under the skin. The other risk is developing a stye, an infection that causes a small bump at the edge of the eyelashes, on or under the eyelid, with a red, painful and watery eye.

See a doctor if you have watery eyes

If your eyes water for no reason, you may be suffering from an eye condition. Instead of finding tips to deal with this phenomenon, it is better to consult a doctor. In the meantime, it is possible to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light, wind and cold of winter.