Watch your eyes with these 4 amazing enemies of your eyesight!

Watch your eyes with these 4 amazing enemies of your eyesight!

A fragile part of the human body, the eyes must be treated with particular attention. TipsForWomens therefore reveals 4 little-known factors which play a role in the appearance of eye diseases.

While we know that it is important to regularly consult an ophthalmologist or limit exposure to screens, other factors linked to eye problems are not as well known! However, it is important to identify them in order to preserve your eyesight. Our advice for taking care of your eyes.

Physical inactivity

Can sitting on your couch all day impact your vision? Unfortunately, this is the case! In fact, having a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These diseases increase the risk of developing eye problems. Furthermore, physical inactivity is often linked to the use of screens: when you are on your sofa and watching TV for example! Too much use then promotes the appearance of vision problems.

The area

Shingles corresponds to a reactivation of the chickenpox virus. It works in people who have already contracted this virus. Although in most cases the infection is mild and heals in two to three weeks, sometimes the pain persists after the rash and more serious variants appear. The risk is greater in immunocompromised patients.

What does this have to do with the eyes? If the inflammation appears on the face, it can also affect the eye and cause problems with the cornea. In the case of serious variants, we speak of ophthalmic shingles and symptoms such as loss of vision or significant sensitivity to light can then appear weeks or even months after the first signs of shingles.

The tobacco

Regular tobacco use can also cause damage to your eyes! Indeed, cigarette smoke is made up of toxins that are harmful to the body. When inhaled, these substances travel throughout the body, passing from the lungs into the bloodstream. They also reach the eyes and promote inflammation. Furthermore, aging of the retina is accelerated. Thus, smokers are exposed to the appearance of diseases such as cataracts.

In addition, in contact with smoke, the eye is more likely to be dried out. Smokers may then experience significant discomfort and the sensation of dry eyes. This phenomenon is all the more important for contact lens wearers.

Small clarification: the electronic cigarette can also damage your eyes because of its high nicotine content!

Autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease. It manifests itself by the appearance of red plaques, well defined and in relief. These are often covered in scales.

In some cases, psoriasis causes the development of uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease. This manifests itself by inflammation of a part of the eye, which is called the “uvea”. His symptoms? Redness, increased sensitivity to light which can cause blurred vision as well as pain during high intensity light.

Psoriasis is not the only autoimmune disease that can cause uveitis. Indeed, this is also the case for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Foods good for eyesight

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