We know how many times your family will get sick this year (and it’s a lot!)

We know how many times your family will get sick this year (and it's a lot!)

Do you feel like you’ve been dealing with viruses in your family since the start of winter? It’s not just an impression. According to a recent survey, many of us would be increasing the number of stops and childcare options to adapt to the various small unforeseen events that impact the whole family.

Cold, gastroenteritis, covid… Since your children are at school you have the impression of ticking all the virus boxes during the year with the added bonus (O joy!) of the joy of sharing them with everyone family members. A finding that is not imaginary if we are to believe a recent OnePoll survey for the vitamin brand Zarbee, which reveals the average number of illnesses in a family over a year.

12 illnesses experienced in families every year

The survey carried out among 1,500 parents tells us that we face an average of twelve family illnesses each year, placing colds, coughs and sore throats which come back tirelessly on the podium.

Small unpleasant events for children of course, but also for parents… Thus, 70% have the impression that having children impacts their health, 40% think that catching colds or coughs from their offspring makes them sicker than before having children, and 34% have resigned themselves to getting sick more often while nearly 6 in 10 blame lack of rest.

Small virus for children, big fatigue for parents

The little ailments that different members of the family go through are not as trivial as that. So to cope with the situation, 6 out of 10 parents say they continue their daily lives as usual even if they are ill themselves. And half of respondents admit to not taking care of themselves at all if they get sick at the same time as their child, giving them priority.

A condition which also affects the health… of the couple. Thus, 35% admit that periods during which children are sick negatively impact their relationship due to several factors: lack of sleep (67%), general frustration (48%) and getting upset over small things. things (40%). Fortunately, this is a temporary condition.

Focus on good habits to overcome

To avoid this fatigue, 58% of parents surveyed say they would like to be able to do more to prevent their family from getting sick. How ? By implementing better sleep habits for children (for 58%), encouraging getting more fresh air (for 51%) and focusing on taking vitamins for 62%.

Good habits to adopt from a young age. Remember, however, that any vitamins or supplements should be taken under the advice of your family doctor.

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