Werewolf Syndrome: Meet the Hairiest Baby in the World

Werewolf Syndrome: Meet the Hairiest Baby in the World

This is an extremely rare event that has just happened in the Philippines. A little boy, affected by werewolf syndrome, has just been born. The very rare disease is called hypertrichosis, it affects one in a billion people.

This is an extremely rare case of hypertrichosis which was diagnosed in a little boy just born in the Philippines. The child, named Jaren Gamongan from Apayao, is affected by what is also called “werewolf syndrome”.

What is hypertrichosis?

A rare pathology, hypertrichosis is a disease which manifests itself by abnormal and excessive development of hair. In the case of Jaren Gamongan of Apayao, the disease caused a lot of hair, but also hair on his face, neck, back and arms. Hence the nickname werewolf syndrome, in reference to the half-human, half-animal creature.

Difference Between Hirsutism and Hypertrichosis

Hirsutism and hypertrichosis should not be confused. “Hirsutism is characterized by excessive hair growth in women, in areas typical of male hair growth. It results from increased activity or sensitivity to normal levels of male hormones called androgens (such as testosterone).” can we read on the Dermatological Therapeutics website.

Hypertrichosis, for its part, “is characterized by an increase in hair growth on any part of the body, in both men and women. This excessive hair growth can appear all over the body or only in specific areas that are insensitive to androgens. This disorder can be present at birth or appear later..

A pathology that has no treatment

Unfortunately for the child, there is no treatment for hypertrichosis. However, it is possible to improve the child’s physique through laser hair removal sessions, according to the doctors who follow him. This child’s mother wants to do everything she can for him. “I worry so much about him. I’m already thinking about when he will have to go to school. He might be bullied because he’s different.” she told the Sun, which reported this story.

She is also calling for donations to help finance her laser sessions. “We will try to do ten sessions in four to six weeks and then see what happens. I am very grateful to those who have already helped us. I hope my son can have a better chance in life with your help.”

Mystical beliefs persist around this rare disease

Hypertrichosis is a pathology of genetic origin, which can appear at birth, as is the case here, or later in life. Sometimes it can also be caused by taking medications.

But unfortunately, false beliefs around this syndrome still persist today. When she was told the news, the young mother thought of a curse that had been inflicted on her after eating a wild cat while she was pregnant. As a reminder, between 50 and 100 cases have been recorded throughout the world since the Middle Ages.

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