What exactly do your eyebrows do?

What exactly do your eyebrows do?

They can vary depending on their shape, their color, the way you make them up…But what are the real functions of your eyebrows? Discover their three most important roles.

An essential element of the face, eyebrows are nowadays made up, colored and plucked according to individual tastes. Is their presence just a matter of appearance? Are those little hairs above your eyes useful? TipsForWomens shares with you the three main functions of eyebrows.

An aesthetic role

First of all, no doubt eyebrows are a real feature of your face. Thick, thin, shaved, natural or completely non-existent, they have an aesthetic role and represent a way to assert your style. They intensify your look and that’s why many people wear them. Eyebrows are also one of the most effective means of facial recognition.

A way of expression

Your eyebrows are also an indicator that reveals your state of mind. Indeed, far from being fixed, they are based on muscle fibers which allow you to move them. They have the power to translate your thoughts and you can express your emotions without having to speak…sometimes in spite of yourself. While a raised eyebrow will mean you are surprised, a furrowed brow will indicate anger.

In the case of people having botox injections, their eyebrows may appear frozen. Limited in their movements, these people will tend to appear less expressive and sometimes even less sympathetic because the perception of their emotions turns out to be more complicated.

As you age, muscle fibers wear out and gravity pulls your eyebrows downward. This is also why older people often have drooping eyebrows.

A protective barrier

The final role of eyebrows? Protect your eyes. In fact, the brushy barrier that they represent prevents dust from passing through. The shape and orientation of the bristles direct fluids like rain or sweat toward the sides of the face so they don’t run into your eyes. Facing the light, this very particular structure casts a shadow on your gaze and preserves it.

In addition to making your face harmonious, eyebrows are very useful!