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Which health insurance should you choose based on your profile?

Which health insurance should you choose based on your profile?

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While taking out health insurance is optional, it has its advantages. Its role is to reimburse part of the medical costs not covered by Social Security. Which formula should you choose to benefit from your health insurance?

Health insurance for young people

A mutual fund is a contract allowing cover health costs. A basic plan reimburses a portion of common medical expenses such as doctor’s appointments, medication purchases, etc. More comprehensive coverage provides greater reimbursements on the same expense items. However, health insurance can also cover needs that are little or not covered by Social Security, in particular the use of alternative medicine. In all cases, mutual health insurance presents itself as a solution to reduce your expenses.

The Youth formula, like that offered by La Banque Postale, is suitable for students or young entrepreneurs who no longer have the opportunity to benefit from family mutual insurance. It is aimed at people under the age of 29 who are no longer considered dependents. If young people are less vulnerable to infectious diseases, a good level of coverage is always interesting.

Make sure you have good reimbursement for routine care, including visits to the GP or specialist. Good coverage for optical costs is also essential. Depending on your needs, provide coverage for contraception, vaccines if you travel regularly, etc.

The family formula

The Families/Adults formula is aimed at active people aged 29 to 55, with or without children. The needs are generally greater, hence the interest in looking for coverage with more guarantees. This type of formula generally provides reimbursement for consultations, dental care, optical care, hospitalization, etc.

Furthermore, taking out additional Family health insurance allows you to benefit from a contract adapted to each member of your household. If necessary, personalize your health insurance so that it truly corresponds to your health needs. For example, make sure that the contract provides for reimbursement of orthodontic costs if you or your children suffer from dental malformations.

The formula for seniors

Anyone over the age of 55 is categorized as a senior. From a certain age, functional capacities and the level of resistance to diseases decrease. Health concerns are thus more frequent, hence the increase in health costs. It is therefore in your interest to turn to health insurance covering most of the situations you have to face.

The ideal would be to take out complementary health insurance which provides a substantial reimbursement for optical, hearing, hospitalization costs, etc. Indeed, these are the main concerns of seniors. In any case, consider your needs beforehand or risk paying more than is reasonable. Reimbursements on expenses related to alternative medicine are particularly interesting if you are a fan of spa treatments. Supplementary health insurance for seniors can reimburse complementary medicine costs.

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