World Diabetes Day: Withings launches scale to detect main complications

World Diabetes Day: Withings launches scale to detect main complications

Digital health tools continue to make progress. On this World Diabetes Day, the company Withings Healthcare Solutions announces the arrival on the market of a cellular scale allowing the early detection of complications of the disease, at the level of patients’ feet.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, TipsForWomens has chosen to highlight a connected object intended for patients affected by the disease: a connected scale which allows early detection of possible complications in the feet.

A connected scale to assess the risk of foot ulcers in a diabetic person

Like a classic connected scale, the Body Pro 2 scale from Withings Healthcare Solutions is equipment that allows you to measure advanced health data such as weight and body composition. They also offer additional and optional health modules that allow healthcare professionals to track advanced and clinically validated biomarkers. With the first module of Body Pro 2, it becomes possible to monitor the health of a diabetic person’s feet, by monitoring the electrochemical skin conductance (ESC) of the patients’ feet. This measurement makes it possible to evaluate sudomotor function, itself linked to the risk of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Better known as “diabetic foot”, this complication is the most common worldwide, affecting up to 70% of patients with diabetes during their lifetime. The current standard for the early detection and prevention of diabetic peripheral neuropathies is based on an annual physical examination of the foot that only 16% of patients perform, often carried out with outdated and unreliable methods (in addition to the clinical examination of the feet, the Prevention involves using a tuning fork to test sensitivity to vibration and a monofilament – plastic filament – to test sensitivity to contact or pressure).

Detect earlier for better prevention

Diabetes is the leading cause of lower limb amputations. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are approximately 250,000 lower limb amputations per year in Europe among diabetic patients. 85% of these amputations are completely preventable. However, early detection and simple lifestyle interventions can limit its progression.

With at-home ESC measurements, connected healthcare professionals can monitor them over time making early detection of diabetic peripheral neuropathies and assessment of diabetic foot ulcer risk not only possible but easy for patients and their care teams on a daily basis.

An easy-to-use scale

According to the brand, the scale is easy to use. “The Body Pro 2 scale is extremely easy for patients to use. It’s a scale with a cellular connection that works right out of the box, requires no setup, and automatically transmits accurate, secure data to caregivers.” the press release states. It also has other functions such as:

  • Personalized encouragement, with the possibility for healthcare teams to send personalized messages adapted to patients, visible through a screen, which aims to improve their commitment and involvement in their health journey;
  • An “Eyes Closed” mode, which allows patients who do not want to see their weight to hide its value, while maintaining interaction with caregivers and positive messages;
  • A color screen and non-slip design to allow patients to weigh themselves safely.

For Eric Carreel, founder and president of Withings, “this is a turning point for the healthcare industry because we are bringing a revolutionary measure. Not only will this allow early detection of a largely underdiagnosed disease and therefore better management of the diabetic foot, (…) but will also help the industry to rethink how we should care for patients with diabetes“.

Medtronics also engages with the #BlueBalloonChallenge

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, November 14, Medtronic, one of the world leaders in health technologies, in partnership with the patient association Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques (AJD) and the international network of diabetes advocates #Dedoc ° is launching the Blue Balloon campaign for the 3rd consecutive year to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes and make this invisible disease visible, through a challenge on social networks and a campaign spot.

To make the mental load linked to diabetes visible, the #BlueBalloonChallenge offers everyone the opportunity to take on a not-so-simple challenge: keep a ball in balance while carrying out a daily activity and post the video on social networks with the hashtag #BlueBalloonChallenge.

For each post, Medtronic undertakes to make a donation of €5 to the NGO Life for a Child which provides insulin to children with diabetes in less fortunate countries.