Young parents find an original technique to calm their baby’s cries

Young parents find an original technique to calm their baby's cries

To calm your baby have you tried everything? Discover an original method that you probably don’t know about and which could help you soothe your baby’s crying. Explanations.

Figuring out how to stop your baby from crying is far from an easy task, especially for new parents. Do you think you’ve tried everything and still haven’t found the miracle solution? A couple recently shared an amazing and quite effective tip for calming their baby very quickly. The parents highlighted their method on social networks by publishing a video on the TikTok platform. The least we can say is that the results seem to be instantaneous! We present this famous technique to you.

A gong to calm your little one?

Unlike soft music and lullabies, this dad opts for an option that is, to say the least, original: he hits a Tibetan bronze bowl using a mallet, close to his baby. The next second, the baby immediately stops crying. The dad gives two additional blows a few seconds apart to ensure that the little one does not start crying again and goes back to sleep peacefully. It is also a success since we can see the little boy completely calmed and ready to fall back into the arms of Morpheus.

What techniques are effective for calming a crying baby?

Among the many techniques for calming a crying baby, here are some very popular ones that are also very effective:

  • Hold your little one in your arms to soothe and reassure him;
  • Speak to him in a soft and calm voice;
  • Rock him or walk him. The gentle movement of these actions can help him relax;
  • Give him a warm bath;
  • Have him listen to white noise such as the sound of waves, rain or a fan for example;
  • Perform a gentle massage on his stomach or back. This can relieve any colic or stomach aches he may suffer from;
  • Give him a pacifier or bottle: sucking can be particularly soothing for a baby;
  • Hold the baby close to you (or do some skin-to-skin contact): the feeling of a hug can really help your baby calm down.

Now that you know all these tips, all you have to do is find the method that works best with your little one!

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