¾ of French people have this game and it is perfect for the holidays!

¾ of French people have this game and it is perfect for the holidays!

The Christmas holidays are an opportunity for families to enjoy friendly moments, particularly around a board game. Do you know that a particular game is unanimously loved in French households? Find out which one.

Board games, and more particularly card games, allow children to develop many skills: understanding instructions, logic, strategy… A good idea for an activity when the weather doesn’t allow for a family walk. One card game in particular is very popular in French households: UNO.

UNO, figures that speak for themselves

UNO is one of the most popular and loved brands of all time, it is characterized by more than 50 years of success (established in 1971):

  • For many years, it has been part of the TOP 10 games sold in France;
  • Every minute, 17 games are sold around the world, or more than 10 million games sold per year;
  • Today there are more than ten different UNOs sold in France;
  • UNO is the leading brand in the Board Games market in unit sales in 2021 and 2022 in France;
  • UNO is around 1M units sold in France each year between 2020 and 2022;
  • ¾ of French people own at least one game of UNO.

UNO No Mercy, a new ruthless edition

For all UNO fans, the brand has released a new edition since December 11 that promises wild games during the holidays: UNO No Mercy.

This new version brings together the great UNO essentials: its simplicity, its 4 iconic primary colors, its emblematic numbering from 0 to 9, its special cards “INVERSION”, “JOKER”, “SKIP YOUR TURN”, “+2″ and ” +4″, known to everyone and obviously its ultimate goal: to no longer have any cards to win the game, without ever forgetting to shout UNO. In this merciless version, 6 new action cards appear:

  • Carte inversion Super Joker +4 : The direction reversal card coupled with the +4 card for even more fun! The next player after the reversal of direction is carried out must draw 4 cards and pass their turn. Be careful, this card is a real trap for two-player games, the card turns against the player who placed it.
  • Super Joker Card +6 and +10 : These two cards force the next player to draw six or ten additional cards from the pile, if he cannot bid higher and pass his turn.
  • Color Wheel Joker Card : The next player chooses a color, he must then reveal the cards from the draw pile until he comes across a card of this color. He then collects all the cards drawn and passes his turn.
  • Put All : This card will be used to discard all cards of the same color as this action card. The player who has this card will place these cards under it to lighten his game.
  • Everyone has their turn : All players pass their turn and the hand goes to the one who placed the card at the start.

UNO NO MERCY also has new rules, the opponent can officially bid higher if he has an action card of equal or greater value: A +4 on a +4 or even a +10 on a +4 obliging a player to draw 14 cards! Added to this is an even more ruthless rule automatically eliminating a player with more than 25 cards. Enough to give players a cold sweat who will come across two +10 cards in a row. And for even more twists and turns during the game, new rules inspired by its players appear: The card numbered 0 requires all players to pass their hand to the players after them. The card numbered 7 requires you to change hands with the player of your choice.

With the new UNO NO MERCY, players will experience the strongest version of the card game ever created, new penalties and new rules inspired by players…