Here are the 4 essential beauty trends in 2024

Here are the 4 essential beauty trends in 2024

What looks to adopt in 2024? Like every year, the social network Pinterest has published its report on upcoming beauty trends. Get inspired by the 4 most popular styles for next year.

The end of the year is fast approaching and Pinterest Predicts released its annual report on upcoming trends. Based on research from more than 480 million users around the world, the platform has determined the major trends that will mark the year 2024. Which hairstyle to opt for and which treatments to favor? TipsForWomens shares with you the 4 modes not to be missed!

Very voluminous curls

First essential trend in 2024? XXL curls! Whether it’s Beyoncé, Shakira or Rihanna, celebrities are highlighting their hair and showing off more than ever with beautiful, voluminous curls.

For naturally curly hair, it’s time to free and embrace your hair. For those who lack material, don’t panic! It is entirely possible to follow the trend too. Arm yourself with your curling iron, your curlers and tame your hair!

On Tiktok you can also find many techniques without heat to create your curls. Whether with tights or even handkerchiefs, all you have to do is wrap your locks around the chosen object then leave it on overnight. This heat-free curling method is also recommended by hairdressers because it is effective, without damaging your hair. For the more daring, you can dare to perm it.

Skincare for the whole body

In 2024, in addition to taking care of your face, you will need to adopt products for the rest of your body. According to the Pinterest report, “searches for body care routines continue to increase“. Cosmetics brands have taken this into account and many of them are expanding their product collections with care for the entire body.

This is the case with Rituals, Nuxe and Melvita who are preparing beautiful products to take care of your body next year! To apply them, more and more self-massage tips and treatment techniques are being shared on social networks!

Metallic nails

Also called chrome effect, metallic nail art is making a comeback in 2024. Silver, bronze or gold, just one rule: don’t be afraid to shine.

If you can go to a professional, it is also possible to reproduce this type of manicure at home at a low price. Then opt for the 387 bottle from the Essie brand at €10.95, the “tanned” shade from Manucurist at €14 or even the “cold gold” from Kiko at €4.99. However, be careful not to neglect the application of a base and a top coat so that your nail art lasts and the metallic effect is guaranteed!

The “jellyfish” haircut

Increasingly trendy on Tik Tok, the jellyfish cut will be essential in 2024. This fashion owes its great success to the actress Lily Collins, playing the main character in the series Emily in Paris.

The main characteristic of the cut? She has two lengths of hair… for a definite asymmetrical effect! While the first stops at the cheekbones, the second is much longer. If you have straight hair, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly because it will give you more volume while maintaining a structured side. Can’t decide between long and short hair? Don’t hesitate any longer and adopt this bold hairstyle!