10 Benefits of Morning Running for Health and Tips

Not everyone can wake up early, let alone immediately do sports, such as jogging or running in the morning. In fact, a lot benefits of jogging morning that you can get, such as losing weight, healthy heart, and lowering high blood pressure.

Even so, exercising in the morning requires special preparation so that you get maximum benefits.

What are the benefits of running in the morning?

A person’s goals for exercising can vary, but usually revolve around maintaining body fitness or wanting to lose weight. You can get both of these things by jogging in the morning.

In full, here are the benefits of running in the morning that you can feel:

1. Lose weight

Running in the morning can help you lose weight
Running in the morning can help you lose weight

Morning jogging is one sport that can be useful for burning quite a lot of calories. Jogging in the morning for 30 minutes can burn up to 300 calories.

This is useful for those of you who are trying to maintain a calorie deficit.

By doing a calorie deficit, the body will replace the calories that are less by burning fat reserves in the body, so that over time the fat will decrease and the body weight will decrease.

2. Increase bone and muscle strength

Running in the morning can prevent injury and trauma to the bones and reduce your risk of getting it bone diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation).

If done regularly, morning running can strengthen muscles, especially in the hamstrings, calves and surrounding areas.

3. Control appetite

Running in the morning for 45 minutes is considered to help control appetite. This benefit is useful for those of you who are planning to lose weight. Because even though your appetite is more controlled, your body doesn’t feel weak. On the contrary, this habit will make the body fitter for daily activities.

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4. Refresh the mind

When we run or jogging, the body will release endorphins which are hormones whose main role is to reduce stress and pain in the body. So don’t be surprised if afterward, your mind will be fresher and allow you to carry out your activities with more enthusiasm.

5. Healthy heart

Morning jogging is good for heart health
Morning jogging is good for heart health

Running is a type of cardio exercise that is good for heart health. When running, blood flow to the heart will become heavier, so that blood pressure can remain normal. Likewise cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

6. Healthy respiratory system

The benefits of running in the morning will also be felt by the respiratory system. By diligently running or jogging, then Lung capacity will increase and respiratory muscles will become stronger.

7. Prevent infection

Jogging in the morning helps strengthen the immune system. This makes the body more ready and stronger to ward off viral or bacterial infections that cause disease.

8. Makes you stay young

By jogging, your skin gets more oxygen and blood, thereby accelerating cell regeneration, making you look fresher and younger.

9. Makes you sleep better

On study conducted on three groups of people who exercised at 7 am, 1 pm and 7 pm, it was found that people who did cardio exercise in the morning could sleep more soundly than the other two groups.

10. Lower blood pressure

Regular morning running will help lower blood pressure. This is because running will help reduce pressure on the heart, so that blood flows more smoothly.

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Tips for preparing for a morning run

One of the challenges faced when jogging in the morning is that the muscles are not yet warm at all. This is different from when you jog in the afternoon after doing certain activities that stimulate muscle movement.

So, to prevent injury and maintain overall body health, here are morning exercise tips that you can follow:

  • Get up early and have breakfast. You can eat snacks such as whole wheat bread, low-fat milk, juice without sugar, and fruit such as bananas
  • Do a warm up. Get started Warm up by walking, raising your arms overhead, rotating your ankles, knees and head
  • Choose a pollution-free route. Do regular exercise for at least 25 minutes per day for 5 days a week
  • Combine exercises. When running, also bring a barbell to exercise to build muscle. However, don’t use a barbell that is more than 1.5 kg
  • Do cooling down after exercise. You can cool down, for example, by walking

When running, choose comfortable shoes. , Check whether after jogging you actually experience blisters or swelling on your feet, and if necessary consult a doctor or professional who understands running.

The benefits of morning running or jogging can only be obtained if you also pay attention to your own body’s limits. Don’t push yourself to exercise too hard. Doing jogging in the morning gradually will be better for maintaining body and muscle health.