10 Benefits of the Sun for Human Health

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It is no longer a public secret that excessive sun exposure can cause various problems, including skin cancer. However, if obtained in sufficient quantities, there are a number of benefits of sunlight for human health.

So, to get this benefit, you are advised to sunbathe sufficiently in the morning. So, what are the benefits of the sun for our health?

Benefits of the sun for human health

The following are various benefits of sunlight for our physical and mental health:

1. Be a source of vitamin D

The most common benefit of the sun for humans is as a source of vitamin D. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can help the body produce vitamin D.

This vitamin is good for bone health and helps strengthen them. Meanwhile, low levels of vitamin D are associated with bone loss diseases, such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia.

Not only that, vitamin D is beneficial for healthy blood cells and immune system. This vitamin also helps absorb calcium and phosphorus more optimally.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer

Excessive sun exposure can indeed trigger skin cancer. However, if obtained in sufficient quantities, exposure can actually help reduce the risk of other cancers, such as colon cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer.

3. Reduce symptoms of skin disease

The next benefit of the sun for human health is reducing the symptoms of certain skin diseases. According to WHO, adequate sun exposure can help treat conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, jaundice (jaundice), as well as acne.

However, therapy using sunlight cannot be done by everyone. You still need to consult a doctor if you want to get this benefit.

4. Protects from various diseases

The benefits of the sun can also protect the body from various diseases, including hypertension. This is because exposure to sunlight triggers the skin to release nitrogen oxide which causes the arteries to enlarge, thereby helping to lower blood pressure and reduce the impact of metabolic syndrome.

In addition, sunlight can help protect a person from type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosisand other autoimmune diseases.

5. Maintain weight

Exposure to morning sunlight is believed to help reduce fat deposits in the body by shrinking fat cells under the surface of the skin. However, you still have to exercise and maintain your diet so that you can achieve the ideal body weight you dream of.

To get this benefit, you can do it jogging for 20-30 minutes between 08.00 am and midday.

6. Prevent nearsightedness

Getting enough sunlight, especially in adolescence and young adulthood can help prevent someone from experiencing nearsightedness.

This eye problem causes distant objects to appear blurry. However, avoid too much sun exposure because it can actually damage your eyes.

7. Treating jaundice in babies

Benefits of sunlight for jaundice babies
Sunlight can help treat jaundice in babies

The benefits of sunlight can also help treat jaundice which often occurs in newborn babies. This condition occurs when the level of bilirubin in the baby’s blood is too much, making the skin appear yellow.

If you want to get this benefit, avoid exposing your baby to direct sunlight. It’s best to take your little one near a window so that he is not exposed to dangerous types of sunlight.

8. Improve sleep quality

One of the benefits of the sun is that it can improve the quality of sleep at night, as well as improve the body’s circadian rhythm by regulating levels of the hormones serotonin and melatonin.

Exposure to morning sunlight stimulates the release of the hormone serotonin which plays a role in helping a person feel calm and focused. Meanwhile, at night, the brain produces the hormone melatonin which encourages sleep when it’s dark.

9. Improves mood

Maybe not many people think that one of the benefits of the sun for humans is that it can improve mood. This is also related to the hormone serotonin.

When exposed to sufficient sunlight, the hormone serotonin released by the brain can make a person feel more focused, enthusiastic and positive.

10. Reduces the risk of depression

Insufficient exposure to sunlight can reduce levels of the hormone serotonin in the body. As a result, the risk of developing seasonal depression may be higher.

Seasonal depression is a type of depression that is triggered by seasonal changes, especially when there is less sunlight, such as autumn and winter. Well, getting enough sunlight can help reduce the risk.

Even though the benefits of the sun for humans are very diverse, you also need to be careful not to be exposed to too much of its rays. Therefore, there are several things you must pay attention to to get these benefits.

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How to get the benefits of the sun

Do the things below to optimize the health benefits of the sun:

  • Sunbathe before 10 am because the sun’s rays are very strong between 10 am and 4 pm
  • Just sunbathe for 5-15 minutes 2-3 times a week
  • Use sunscreen that contains at least SPF30 to protect the skin from UV rays
  • Wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes from UV rays

Immediately consult a dermatologist if you notice anything unusual on your skin, such as changes in moles or other spots on the body.