10 questions to ask yourself to take stock of the year and get 2024 off to a good start

10 questions to ask yourself to take stock of the year and get 2024 off to a good start

The start of the year is often an opportunity to take stock of the past year. But what questions should we ask to move forward? Amélie Boukhobza, psychologist, answers us.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Taking stock of the past year

This start of the year is an opportunity to question ourselves and work daily to move towards who we want to be… that is, towards the best version of ourselves.“, recalls the expert.

In fact, certain questions are worth asking to take stock of your situation and see things a little more clearly. Here are the ones not to forget, according to our expert:

  • Question 1: What have been your biggest learnings this year, your biggest lessons? And how did you have to adapt to unforeseen situations?
  • Question 2: How have you evolved physically and emotionally this year? What have you done for yourself?
  • Question 3: What relationships have you strengthened, started or completed? What do you no longer want in your relationships in the coming year? And what did you learn about yourself?
  • Question 4: What goals have you achieved this year? What were your successes, your achievements? What are your goals for the coming year?
  • Question 5: What difficulties did you overcome? What trials have you gone through? By what means?
  • Question 6: What gave you the most joy and satisfaction? What were the best moments of the year? What was special about them?
  • Question 7: What do you want to change this year? What habits do you want to develop, improve or abandon?
  • Question 8: What new interests or activities have you developed this year? Do you plan to continue them in 2024?
  • Question 9: What did you do to get out of your comfort zone? What risks did you take?
  • Question 10: What are your priorities for 2024?